sara kärpänen

Hello there, great to connect. 

I am Sara, a Finnish-born, London-based writer, artist (MA Bartlett School of Architecture & Aalto University), and founder of Women of the Wick podcast and performance space.

I believe we all have a story to tell. That is why I set up Women of the Wick in 2019—with a mission to amplify local women and non-binary artist voices and creative work. Through my writing, practice-led research and curation, I encourage to re-think the artists, especially women and non-binary artists, role in our society. Together with people and organisations I partner with, I facilitate conversations, and create dialogues where our experiences and stories are seen and heard.

My layered approach to arts and urbanism encompasses writing, performance, research, speaking and curation, focusing on gender, communities and urban occupation. I am passionate and vocal about creating equitable and long-lasting positive changes in society. I have ben lucky enough to work with great humans, educational institutions, cultural spaces, charities, non-profit organisations, and art and architect practices in the UK and Europe. 

If you would like to collaborate or work together, please get in touch. You can drop me an email here.

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